Top 5 Web Design Trends in 2013

In 2012 we saw quite a lot of trends in web designing that set forth the founding stones of a radical change in the way we approach and design websites. 2013 is going to be one of those years when the rest of the World Wide Web will flock towards an HTML 5 website that’s styled with the brand new features of CSS 3. In the last quarter of 2012 we saw a lot of popular websites doing a complete redesign and defining the emergence of a new trend that is bound to storm into the mainstream webmaster community beginning this year. In this article I am going to talk about 5 such trends that you must adapt or at least prepare your website to be flexible enough to accept such changes.

Going Responsive – HTML 5 is not only about creating games with canvas and showing off the cool animations using CSS 3. One of the fundamental reasons why this markup language gained widespread acceptance amongst developers in the fact that it allows designing of web applications that automatically adjust itself on other small screen devices. This feature is called responsive or fluid design where you will see the entire content of the website shifting and adjusting on an iPad or iPhone. While 2012 saw blogs like Mashable, The Next Web etc. shift to this format I believe that in 2013 there is going to be an explosion of responsive designing. Gone are those days when you had a separate site called Prepare to make your own website fluid because the number of people who access the internet from tablets and smartphones are growing at a skyrocketing pace.

responsive example

Single Tone Colors – Apart from responsive designing another fast emerging trend is the use of single tome color. By single tone I mean using shades of blue or dark red. The latest redesigns of Mashable and The Next Web are perfect examples of how one consistent color is used to determine the entire theme of the website. In 2013 we will definitely see more websites shifting to this trend because when you use minimalistic color tones without using lots of different shades then the readers are more focused on the text and content of your site.

Awesome Typography – If there is one segment of the web design world that evolved into a large industry of its own then it has to be Typography. I mean for the last couple of months there has been a massive trend of using big bold and stylized text to define important points on your website. The CTA (Call to Action) buttons that were using Ariel font for over a decade started getting new improved designs with various font types. The main reason behind the fast emerging Typography market is the introduction of the @fontface system with CSS 3. With FontFace you can extract any type template from anywhere on the web by referencing the URL. In 2013 designers are surely going to try new and creative stuff with text.  If you are having a website that is primarily based on B2C (Business to Consumer) product then you should definitely try testing various font types and monitor your conversion rates accordingly.

Flooding of Web Design Firms – I am not disagreeing the fact that there are already a whole lot of web design and development companies in every corner of the planet. Most of them are doing well because they specifically cater to their local audience and the fact that no one can afford to design their websites from big companies like MagicLogix or Code and Theory. With such a huge amount of companies sometimes it’s difficult to decide whom to choose. Be prepared to research even more because in 2013 the number of design and development firms is likely to double. Always remember to check their portfolio before awarding the project to someone.

Highlight Box – The era of featured sliders is finally coming to an end. Nowadays we have a brand new trend of using highlight boxes which is just a static box with an image as a background topped with a punch line or article heading. Sometimes these highlight boxes might come in different color tones like the ones you see in TheVerge’s homepage.  In 2013 I believe that the JavaScript slider will be replaced by the brand new trend of featured boxes on your homepage. As far as variations and designing is concerned, you need to experiment with the CSS and decide what’s best for your website.